7 Jul 2013

Weeklies no.18

1. Going out for the day with my new Beyond Retro bag 2. Mango and ginger smoothie 3. Celebrating birthday bellinis at Bills (that's enough alliteration for one day) 4. Going out for breakfast with wet hair because my dad doesn't have a hairdryer (one was purchased immediately upon realisation) 5. The sky looking a bit ferocious over the sea 6. Finally picked up something by Minkpink and I love it! Thank god there isn't an Urban Outfitters in Norwich or I'd be homeless (but looking fine) 7. Spanish beer to go with tapas 8. Enjoying the last of the sun in the gardens 9. Fish and chips at Betty La La's 10. The wonderful view from my bedroom window 11. Enjoying the sun with my brother in this cute little sunspot 12. My dad lives on the very top flat!
How To Be A Woman  
Caitlin Moran 
(And I've got Moranthology ready to go!)
This week I've spent in Brighton. But man I am tired and unproductive. I've eaten too much, exercised too little, dabbled around with drinking my body into oblivion and spent a lot of time in the sun with a coffee and a book. It's been fabulous, but I am not built for this kind of lifestyle, one hangover too far and I'll vow to lead a life in the country, knitting and drinking tea and buying candles (Although that isn't a world away from what I'm like normally, just with more gin). 


  1. I love your top/dress in the 6th picture! And your hair looks great! :)

  2. Fab pictures! I just bought that minkpink dress too, it's so fabulous! x