1 Jul 2013

Brighton Diary: part one

Hello guys! If you saw my weeklies post yesterday you'll know that I'm down in Brighton for two weeks. I have friends and family here so I've been doing lots of socialising and drinking and eating and shopping, which really are the best things in the whole world. If the sun comes out there will be nothing to complain of. It's also one of my best friends' birthday today (happy birthday merls if you're reading this!) so I'm off to celebrate with her and relax a bit more. And then it's time to get started on the first draft of my dissertation, which is the real reason why I came to visit (I figure the sea always inspires a writer). Oh, also my outfit isn't anything new, but the top is Love clothing, the skirt H&M and the necklace is Primark. And my new amazing trousers are from Toast (£135 down to £40 in the sale!!). 


  1. Oh, i love Brighton, and these photographs make me want to visit more often! pretty, pretty photos, and cute outfits! <3

  2. Gorgeous photographs. I love Brighton too, it seems a world away from home. lovely post. xx

  3. I'm a Brightoner, I hope you have a lovely time here! You should visit Coffee @ 33 in the lanes (33 Trafalgar Street) for a coffee or takeaway while you're here, it's so lovely in there and they make such nice stuff! The guys that run it are also the best:) xoxo