30 Jun 2013

Weeklies no.17

1. Finishing the household alcohol on the last day in my flat because life 2. My life packed away into boxes and bags 3. After a lengthy stressful period and a gin I finished unpacking my new room 4. OOTD w/Topshop, Primark & ASOS 5. Made my favourite cous cous dish for a healthy post-gym dinner 6. Having eggs benedict at The Iron House because I didn't want to look at another ryvita ever again 7. Prashad Cookbook, looked amazing (obviously I read it in the bookshop cafe and then put it back, girl aint got time for a £25 cookery book) 8. Found some henna in a shop in Norwich for £2 and decided to give it a try, I'm really happy with the result considering it was the first time I tried. When this one fades I'm definitely going to try something even more intricate! 9. Dressed up for drinks 10. Top hangover cure: all the fruits (although they only really kept it at bay, my body wanted a fry-up dammit) 11. Writing bits of my dissertation on the way down to Brighton 12. Train number two, I was nearly there! 13. The gorgeous view from my dad's flat 14. Having a smoothie at a cute little cafe called Marmalade 15. Went into central Brighton and perused the shops, yes I bought things 16. Pretty wall art 
Agnes Obel 
(One of my favourite albums of all time, I would recommend giving it a listen!) 
Moving house stress is out the way, I'm all unpacked and the other day I even had a bath. It was a momentous occasion, and I had candles and smelly things and watched Pretty Little Liars. And then yesterday I travelled down to Brighton, my dad recently moved here so I have a place to stay and some of my best friends are here. So far I've just been drinking, shopping, eating and generally being merry. I did actually come here to write my first draft of my dissertation.. I don't know at what point I thought that was a sensible plan, but quite frankly I'm too happy to care! 

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