16 Jun 2013

Weeklies no.15

1. After my sunday afternoon run (2.8 miles!) 2. Skinny chickpea tikka masala leftovers (recipe in link) 3. Making healthy/vegan desserts: oaty granola bars 4. On my way back home for a few days 5. Found ontbijtkoek (breakfast cake) carefully hidden away from my grasp.. someone Dutch has clearly been to stay 6. My main breakfast staple: soy yogurt and lots of muesli 7. Toughest run ever, did 4.1 miles and then wanted to collapse and die and eat cookies 8. My buddy Pickle chilling in my room 9. Preparing veggie fajitas for dinner, if you don't get any of the packaged stuff they can be healthy! 10. My other main staple: boiled eggs because I don't get enough protein from not eating enough (if any) meat 11. My latest post on my brother's iPad, I want one!! 12. Hair and make-up to go out for dinner with one of my best friends 13. Chicken caesar salad at Ask, was delicious 14. My reward for being so healthy, sharing dessert platter!! 15. On the way back to Norwich 16. Perfect River Island dress which I left behind because I didn't have the money for it, waaaah!
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  1. Theres a lot of food photos, which is making me hungry!


  2. Great pictures! How is it you still look nice after running?! Haha! :)

  3. I wish I had your determination to run. I jogged around the field by my house the other day that my boyfriend said was probably about a mile and I came back and thought I was going to die! It pays off, you look amazing!

    Lindsey. x