9 Jun 2013

Weeklies no.14

1. First summer read 2. Beautiful sunset taken on the way to the pub 3. Breakfast: soy yoghurt and granola, black coffee and a multivitamin 4. Healthy lunch: peppers, cucumbers, ham and houmous 5. Post-yoga class coffee on campus, felt much more relaxed than when I do yoga at home, but I didn't really feel pushed yet 6. Trying to better my breakfasts so I can put everything into my workouts: soy yoghurt and granola, wholemeal toast and organic peanut butter, pineapple pieces and a white herbal tea 7. At the gym after the hardest I'd ever pushed myself, felt good! 8. Harissa paste making my cous cous spiiiicy 9. Resting after trying really really hard to do a handstand, I just don't have the shoulder strength yet! 10. Meditating with my favourite candle from the Copenhagen Candle Company 11. Another workout breakfast: boiled eggs with toast and ryvita, soy yoghurt and granola, pineapple and satsuma and a white herbal tea 12. Models Own 'Blueberry Muffin' 
'Let Her Go'
Joseph Heller


  1. Love the nail polish colour.


  2. I love this series of photos you update. I wish I had so many interesting things to document like you, but I spend most of my time in work or at home hardly exciting. I have participated in #GlitterSnap - 30 day snap and that has been fun to do.

    Love Lorilee