2 Jun 2013

Weeklies no.13

1. Celebrating the sun with a Starbucks cool lime refresher 2. Models Own 'Banana Split' polish (it chipped far too quickly for my liking) 3. Obligatory before shot of my hair 4. New hair colour! 5. Rewarding my hard work in the gym with tea, chocolate and GOT (I'm nearly done with this bloody book, just 100 pages to go) 6. Signed up to a yoga course at my gym so treated myself to a yoga mat and had my first go, so far I'm utterly in love with it 7. Ruined all signs of a healthy lifestyle by stocking up on homemade cosmopolitans and going out clubbing 8. Hoisin duck salad from Pret a Manger for my lunch 9. Catching up over a coffee 10&11. How I looked for the launch of my friend's photography exhibition (Primark top, Zara trousers & shoes) 12. Evie's photo up on the wall! 13. More black coffees.. 14. My hair/makeup for the last house party of second year 15&16. Walked to and from the gym, UEA campus was looking very lovely today
 Chase & Status 
No More Idols
These yoga videos for practice, and this video for the morning. If I continue enjoying the yoga as much as I am now I might do a blog post on it (perhaps I should get a bit more advanced first...)


  1. Great selection of photos!
    Love the blue and white trousers.


  2. Love your new hair colour! I haven't read the GOT books but I recently started watching the series from the beginning and I am in love. Just need to watch season 3 now!! x

  3. The Zara trousers are so cool! And I love your hair - the colour and the fringe suit you so much!

  4. Great photographs - love your hair! :)