26 May 2013

Weeklies no.12

1.Having a coffee and reading my book in The Mulberry 2. We had a poker evening.. obviously an excuse to get out the diamonds and pearls daaaahling 3. One of many summer lies-ins 4. Wearing my new Primark maxi split skirt and lots of rings to head into town 5. Having tea in Frank's Bar before shopping 6. Applying for internships.. back on campus again (it'll all be worth it in the end) 7. Making my best friend watch 10 Things I Hate About You because SHE'S NEVER SEEN it and its AMAZING and I love Joseph Gordon Levitt regardless of age 8. Wearing my Motel off the shoulder catalina dress to go and parddddy 9. Feeling very, very, very hungover and having flashbacks of the previous evening *cringes*
The Small Faces 
Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake
'Mad John'
Very early buying for my trip to Barcelona in july.. Primark for sunnies and Topshop for bikinis. I'm also getting back into Tumblr now I finally have some spare time.. have a look: hellochloerose.tumblr.com


  1. Oh my I have SO much love for 10 Things I Hate About You - I want to be Kat Stretford more than I can put into words! Plus Heath Ledger isn't exactly displeasing to look at ;-)

    1. It's such a good watch, I miss Heath :(

  2. Hey,
    amazing pictures. :)


  3. When you say 'paarrrdddyyyy' are you emulating kristin wiig on bridesmaids? Cos that's what i totally heard :D
    Well hello there grandpa X

    1. hahaha, no, but thankyou for reminding of that!