7 May 2013

S/S Trends Wishlist

Some trends I can get on board with, and some I can't (crop tops.. fuck if I'm doing sit-ups for that one). I love the white trend for S/S '13 because it comes in all forms, suits my body shape and looks clean and classy. Plus, you can do that whole monochrome shebang or add colours to stand out against the blank space. I've already picked up a few dresses, a pair of sandals and a summery jumper in white, and next on the list is a pair of white converse (that's a summer essential in my opinion) and a wide-brimmed over the top hat so I can leisurely sun myself with a margarita when exams are over (the dream, people). 
What are your favourite S/S '13 trends? 


  1. I love the cat face t-shirt :) got to agree with you on the crop tops - no thank you!! xx

    1. Me too, love all the cat stuff that's around haha!