20 May 2013

Oxford Diary

So, I've finished my exams for my second year. I now have a long summer ahead of me to fill up with plans and I luckily got to start it off with a trip to my best friend's house in the countryside just outside Oxford. It was a weekend of relaxing with my oldest friends, good food and just the right amount of wine. Her local is The Crazy Bear, which is amazing, it felt like being on holiday and look at that roast, pure beauty right? We also had another companion, George the pug, he is amazing and now I must find a way to sustain my need for regular pug contact. Now I'm home ready to start sorting out all the things that were forgotten due to revision. Reality is so boring, I just want to be slightly drunk and hang out with George for a bit longer..


  1. these photos are gorgeous and george is so cute! i wish i could spend my life slightly drunk, things are always better that way <3

    1. Haha thanks hun! Continuous student life would be fabulous..

  2. Gorgeous photos! love your new blog layout too! xo