15 May 2013

iPhone 5 Case

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5 (coming from the girl who vowed to never leave Nokia) and found the prettiest case for it in Paperchase. It's in the Java collection, all of the items are in this colourful tribal print, and I am close to getting a notebook and a few pens to match my phone (I'm not the only one with a stationary problem, right?) Anyway I thought it might be a good thing to blog as I just don't have time for OOTDs at the moment.. last exam for a year on friday, ah! 


  1. This post is me all over. I also vowed to never leave nokia, and then it broke and along came my new baby! I didn't realize they sold Iphone 5 cases now! I must get on to that! I'm also a stationary fan! :3 xo

    1. Haha, I never got why people spent so much on iPhone.. and then I got one!