27 Apr 2013

Zara Platform Sandals


My two favourite places to shop are Monki, for more casual clothes, and Zara, for those more grown-up pieces that feel like you're investing in something special. I love the TRF collection, but recently I ventured into the rest of the shop and fell in love with just about everything I tried on (and this never happens, ever). And do you know what makes everything look better? THESE SHOES! They were an impractical impulse purchase, I do a lot better in my clunky Dr Martens than I do in anything heeled, but I love them and I am determined that soon enough I will be floating around in them like a pro. Anyone looking to purchase, they are definitely more comfortable than any other heeled shoes I've got, but they are no pair of converse.. I've already had to whack the plasters out, boo! 


  1. Ooh really pretty shoes! Zara always has such a classic style


    1. Thankyou! Really loving Zara lately x

  2. Hello Chloé,

    I've been following you for a little while now.

    I don't remember how I got here, but I do know that I saw you were living in Norwich so I gave it a try.

    In fact, I'm a 19-year-old French student (med school) & I've been to Norwich for a school trip when I was 16. I had the best time of my life there. Idk, it really was amazing being in such a lovely city with a hand full of lovely people & places !

    Well sorry for telling you about such bothering stuffs about my life since I'm a total unknown person to you. But I've got to say, you girl are really a source of inspiration to me. This is a tough year for me, I've got a lot of work on my own but still, I always manage to follow your blog because it relaxes me so much. I love how you mix between sharing your best shop plans and telling about your normal everyday life. It makes me smile when times are bad. I know, it's so weird from me to say. Sorry if it scares you :)

    I just thought I needed to get you posted about that.

    Thank you,


    (And sorry for my non-speaking english so well)

    1. Hello Anne :)
      Thankyou for such a lovely and caring message, I can't believe you feel that way about my blog, it's really amazing when people's personality comes through when they comment! I love Norwich too, it's my favourite city in England and I'm glad you thought so too :)

      Thanks again for taking the time to send me something so sweet! x

  3. They are so gorgeous! Worth the plasters and pain haha xxxx

    1. I'm getting better on them already, just got to avoid cobbled streets ha!