20 Apr 2013

Little buys no.1

Chain necklace - Goldfinches Vintage
Set of rings - Primark 
Daffodils - Norwich market :)

You know when you go into town on an errand and 'accidentally' pop into Boots or H&M or Primark? I didn't acquire any of this stuff all in one go, but somehow it build up and I realised I have done a substantial amount of shopping in the space of a week. Justification time: little buys are better done in Boots than in Topshop. I've already been using the stuff I picked up; I love the Sanctuary range, I've been picking up the travel size bottles for a while now to try everything out and I'm in love with the smell of the body lotion and the body butter, and I don't think the price is unreasonable (this large bottle was £5.50). That was the only item I needed and then somehow I ended up with two nail polishes?! Oh well, both of the colours are so pretty and the Models Own one smells like blueberries (give me any product that smells like food). I also found a beautiful and unique chain necklace in one of my favourite vintage shops in Norwich, picked up some cute rings from Primark and filled my flat with daffodils from the Norwich market! 
Have a nice sunny weekend! 


  1. Love the way you've photographed these, look so pretty!
    Chloe xxxx

    1. Thankyou :) so glad you like the photos!