7 Apr 2013

Kraków, Poland Diary: Days 1 & 2

For anybody that didn't know I went on a little trip to Kraków in Poland with my Mum. I was going to go in the summer on my own, but I'm glad I got a little break in before revision begins and as a treat for working hard this semester. We flew Ryanair (boo!) and stayed in a hotel called Hotel Europejski which was located in Old Town near the Main Market Square. Upon arrival I got my camera out but it died after five minutes because I stupidly forgot to pack my charger, so I only managed to get pictures from my iPhone. They don't really do some of the sights justice but I thought it was better than nothing. I've only just realised I didn't get a picture of the Main Market Square but it was definitely my favourite part of the city; it is filled with people, restaurants, vendors and the architecture is beautiful and really different to anything you see in England. So we spent the first day there, eating and drinking and people watching. I learnt two things about Kraków on the first day; stay away from Polish cuisine (I'm sorry if you're Polish, but pig's neck? cold cucumber soup? I couldn't do it) and I really should have brought better clothes with me, it was freezing
I think day two was spent walking down every street in Kraków getting lost. This was fun until the chill really started to get to me; I'm still recovering from my time in hospital so many coffee breaks had to be had to warm up. We took a tram down to Kazimierz (most fun word to say in a Polish accent), the Jewish District. It was quite a run down area, but every time you went inside shops or restaurants the atmosphere was completely different to what you had expected. I had seen 'winter tea' on a lot of the menus, so wanted to try it instead of have another exceedingly rich mocha, and I was pleasantly surprised, it tasted like mulled cider with loads of fruit packed in. Poland gets a thumbs up for winter tea and friendly peoples in cafes. 
We headed back to Old Town, passing Wawel Castle (which was really impressive, but more on that later) and I indulged in my tourist cravings for pretzels. We then had Moroccan food for lunch (to pretend we were warm) and I did some shopping in the huuuuge shopping centre called Galeria Krakowska. I bought a few things from Sephora and some Polish-brand shops which I'll be blogging soon. 
We topped off the super busy day by going back to Kazimierz to try a Mexican restaurant called Manzana, which we had found on Trip Advisor because everybody was raving about it. I can see why, it was by far the best Mexican food I ever had (nachos and fajitas if you would like to know) but what made is perfect was the cocktails. My margarita was just under £5 and I think I got more than double what you would in England. Things I learnt; don't judge a book by its cover and Poland is wonderfully cheap. 
I'll do another post on the rest of my trip very soon! 


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