28 Apr 2013

Weeklies no.9

1. The best revision break: sitting in the sun on campus with delicious icecream 2. More revision needs more rewards for motivation, thus tapas and pizza and wine at the Workshop in Norwich with my best friend 3. Made a meze type dinner because the weather was so fine 4. Got sick of revision and went shopping.. I would own so many of the items in Zara, they've got it together at the moment 5. Bought silk patterned trousers and platform sandals from Zara and then spent the evening parading round the house in them 6. Coke cures migraine side effects and tiredness, I love you caffeine 7. New silver cross ring from Regal Rose 8. OOTD for lunching in Norwich with friends: Monki, Topshop, Zara & H&M 9. Getting ready to go out with homemade cosmopolitans 


  1. Those trousers are gorgeous!


    1. Thanks! Hopefully they'll be in a WIWT soon!