10 Mar 2013

Weeklies no.5

1. Reading 'Giovanni's Room' for book club 2. Intense boredom in Shakespeare lectures 3. Wining myself before going out 4&5. FOALS! They were amazing 6. Journeying home 7. Tulips for Mother's Day 8&9. Taking full advantage of hometime with baths and cats 


  1. Hello lovey I wondered if I may ask where you do your Instagram collages as I am new to Instagram you see. Also where did you get the Instagram side button for your blog. I would very appreciate your help.

    1. I do the Instagram collage in Picmonkey, it's free just google, and I can't for the life of me remember about the side button, it's just some third party hosting thingy, hope that helps!

    2. Thank you lovey. I love using picmonkey normally but my ipad doesn't support flash player so I can't use it :(

    3. Oh that's annoying, I haven't found anything else that's as easy or quick, I know some people use photoshop and stuff but I can't work it!