17 Feb 2013

Weeklies no.3

1. No more claws: short sky blue nails 2. Homemade veggie pizzas and half a bottle of wine is my perfect idea of a monday night 3. Scribblings in my creative writing journal about story structures 4. Wearing my bowler hat for a day of shopping with my friends from home 5. Bra shopping in Boux Avenue 6. Clubbing outfit, it's all about the impractical big hoops 7. Hangover coffee 8. Browse in the art section 9. Watching Once Upon A Time.. new favourite show! 

Aloha! I'm writing this very tired but happy after my weekend with my friends from home. We had a nice meal and went to a salsa bar on Friday night (where they had alcoholic slush puppies, amazing), dawdled round Norwich city centre on Saturday and then had a great night out on Saturday night. I'm not normally one for clubbing, especially when I never get to see my old friends, but it was one of those nights where the drinks were cheap, the music was great and I danced like a twat, and just didn't care, perfect. I'm off to bed now in preparation for one of those wonderful university deadline weeks, goodnight! 


  1. So glad someone else likes Once Upon A Time. It's sooo good! x



    1. I've got through all there is already, such a clever series! :)