21 Feb 2013

Boux Avenue Haul

Hello lovely ladies! I wanted to show you the gorgeous bras I got my Boux Avenue last week! Shopping for bras is never an easy one for me, I'm an unusual size that is always fluctuating when I lose/gain weight (at the moment I'm a 32E which means I've gone down 4 bra sizes in a month or two!) If I find my size, then the bra is never pretty and always really expensive. But I wanted some nice bras that didn't look like something a granny would wear, so I chanced Boux Avenue. The shop is laid out really nicely, and all their sizes go up to a G. When I realised I needed re-measuring they were really helpful, I'd forgotten what friendly service was in shops after various rude experiences (Topshop, I'm looking at you). I was so pleased I wasn't even thinking about price at this point, but I was very happy that both bras were around £25! I would highly recommend this shop to anyone, I couldn't fault them and even brought my friends back at the weekend! 


  1. ahh i'm this size too! it's so frustrating though to find anywhere that stocks the size - sounds like this is worth a try :) ox

    1. I know, so infuriating, most shops don't go past D or DD, but this one had everything!