31 Jan 2013

Pretty and pointless #1

If you've ever had a look-see at my tumblr you will find many whimsical photographs of kittens, flowers and most of all books! When I find a good book-type photo I do an (internal) happy dance and reblog, reblog, reblog. So when I found a blog dedicated to photographs of bookshelves, wonderfully named 'Bookshelf Porn' I had to share it. Because everyone should have this joy in their lives. I am essentially book-library-literature-writing mad, so this may even be better than food porn... 
Visit the website: bookshelfporn.com

P.s. sorry haven't blogged in a while, should be an outfit post up tomorrow! 


  1. haha, what a cool tumblr! I love books too, so this will definitely be added to my dashboard!

    Pip x

  2. i have a book fetish!! currently having my room re done and in deperate need of a book shelf! this has given me some great ideas:):)
    what sorts of books are your favourite?



    1. Oh good, they have some amazing ones on there! That is a hard question.. I've been really into the Russian classics lately, it changes all the time to be honest!