8 Jan 2013

How not to write a diet and fitness plan

As you can see the page is blank. Because I've done this more times than I can remember, and quite frankly I don't get it. I don't get how people lead a healthy lifestyle and do the rest of life. This is not advice, I'm just ranting and then maybe you can tell me what to do, or moan along with me (a lot more fun)... For the past two summers I've been on a major diet and fitness kick, and I pulled it off. But I lost weight because I had all the time in the world to get my body used to eating normally and running. Yes, that's my chosen form of punishment, running. Which is lovely when you live in the English countryside and you can run for miles without a soul seeing your red, sweaty, jiggly self. It really isn't the same in January, in the middle of city. Now don't tell me to go to the gym to avoid the weather. Why would I pay to watch much fitter, healthier people WATCH ME cough up a lung after three minutes of running?! So that's exercise, our relationship is simple, I hate it and it hates me. 
Food is a bit more complicated. And considering I'm writing on a blog read mainly by women, there must be some unison in this feeling. If someone asked me how to lose weight in the summer I would have said use My Fitness Pal, which is essentially a calorie counting app. But in retrospect it helped me lose some sense and perspective as well as some weight. I've seen people advocating this app, but no-one talking about how it messes up your concept of food. I was eating numbers for three months. Bad, bad news. And in all honesty feelings of guilt were creeping in if I hadn't stuck to my calories for that day. After having a piece of cake for my birthday, I cut out lunch the next day. Luckily I stopped myself taking it too far, but it shocked me how those problem thoughts about food can creep in very, very quickly. Skip ahead to the middle of my autumn term back at uni, and I'm having coffee and cake for breakfast, fast food for lunch and anything from ready meals to takeaways for dinner. It's not that extreme all the time, but that summer diet seems like a long way off. And the problem is time. Everything is so hectic, and a healthy 'lifestyle' always seems like another thing I have to think about, it never seamlessly fits in. I feel like I should end this lengthy paragraph with some shining light about how I've found out the trick to food and fitness normality, but I've got nothing, so please tell me your experience because I think it's important to share all this stuff even if I haven't cracked it quite yet! 


  1. hey lovely, i lost alot of weight during the summer which i did blog about, i am exactly the same when i had the time to eat healthily and walk and not stress i was able to have a healthy life style as soon as i was back at work i was un able to fit it all in with the amount i had to do.
    I am back to eating healthily ( i go back to work tomorrow i wonder how long it will last) the only thing i know how to be healthy is to get rid of all the naughty food in the house and hope for the best lol. I can totally relate to this post, i wish you luck lovely, positivity is best xxx

  2. I'm just going to moan alongside you because i love food but hate my weight. I think it's an on going thing for girls, we're never quite happy. I'm on the pill so every slice of cake I eat I can practically see where the fat from it has gone to my body. I feel like i'm just fighting my body, and have been since I was 14 and frankly I'm quite tired. I only lost weight in the summer because I just stopped eating really. And as chocolate is a hell of a lot cheaper than fruit and veg, I've put it all back on since being at uni. I train 2 or 3 times a week with my Lacrosse team and that still doesn't seem to balance it out as on top of that and Uni studies I don't have time to go to the gym, even though I have a membership.

    All in all I don't think we'll ever be happy no matter how much weight we gain or loose because they'll always be another girl that looks better than you. I just advise to eat sensibly and when you're hungry - my biggest problem is boredom eating. Regular exercise even if it's just walking to and from Uni is good too, just to keep you fit, and drink lots of water as a lot of the time we we're hungry, we're actually just thirsty. Good luck and maybe you should change the word diet to healthy lifestyle plan as it's a realistic and more fulfilling goal :) ox

  3. I know exactly how you feel, when i have all the time in the world on my hands i can really get myself into it but as soon as i'm busy working or back at uni it feels as if i have to fit it in when sometimes i can which then makes me feel guilty.. its all a bit complicated really :/

  4. I read this blog post
    and have changed my habits since. I was fed up of using valuable thought space thinking about how bad I felt I looked. I always thought in the future bla bla decided I just needed to start. I eat cleaner with treats whenever I feel like it but because i am eating cleaner I don't have cravings so much at all.
    Also Fitness for Less gyms have strobe rooms (dark can barely see other people)and really well ventilated.
    Hope you find the link useful :)