30 Dec 2012

What I Wore Today

Collar - Primark 
Jumper - Zara 
Earrings - Topshop 
Leggings - H&M 

Aloha, this is what I'm wearing to go and visit my grandparents today. Somehow I don't think my grandma is going to get the collar trend and I will probably get a few comments about how I'm 'too trendy' for her, which is fine by me. I am in love with this Zara jumper, it is really comfortable and fits perfectly and is just lovely. I am definitely getting on with Zara more nowadays! 


  1. Such a simple styled outfit I love! :) I have a Zara order I am waiting on with some sale goodies, hope they come soon!

    standforstyle22.blogspot.com xx