14 Dec 2012

Secret Santa Gift Ideas!

Aloha! A couple a weeks ago I was approached by Kirsty from Rockit Style to write a feature for a new online blogger's magazine called THE EDIT. Having never done anything outside of my blog I wanted to give it a go. I decided to go for secret santa gift ideas, as I had a few in the pipeline already for my friends! Sorry if it's up a bit late in time for secret santa exchanges, but I wanted to wait till the magazine's launch which is today! Hope it sparks some ideas for anyone desperately trying to find a gift for their secret santa...
A homemade cocktail kit is funny, cheap and thoughtful if your secret santa has a particular drink they love. These little bottles (and the lime) are for a cosmopolitan (yes, just like Carrie). This is actually for my best friend, who loves cosmo's but can never afford them, so I thought this was cute.
Binding your own book is surprisingly easy and quick, and of course the materials are very cheap. Type in 'how to bind your own book' into Youtube and there are hundreds of tutorials. For my secret santa I am going to fill it with lots of photos and messages, but I think you could play around with it as a gift idea for your family or partner as well. Of course you can go and buy a book, but this looks like you really made an effort and they look kind of cutesy and childlike when they're done.
This is a how-to for another time, as it is a long process. But again, if you search around the internet there are many great tutorials, especially on blogs. This is the secret santa gift I would like someone to get me as it's cute as anything, not too expensive, but very, very thoughtful.

Enjoy lovelies, and be sure to check out THE EDIT! 


  1. I love the teacup candle, it's so sweet and something I'd love to receive. The book also looks so thoughtful, and is lot more personal than normal secret santa presents, and a lot nicer! I'm too young to drink but the cocktail kit is such a good idea:)