5 Oct 2012

What I Bought Today

Wine-coloured beanie - Topshop
Cross necklace - Topshop 

Hola! Been making a few naughty purchases over the last few days, I guess that's what student loan and a 20% discount in Topshop does to you. I love these loafers from Topshop, been wearing them to jazz up jeans and some of my plainer dresses AND they're super comfortable. Also been indulging my new beanie addiction, can't believe I got this bright red one from ASOS for only £6! Apart from frantically checking the door for the courier I'm very chuffed with my ASOS haul. Think I've got my autumn and winter accessories sorted for now, someone needs to cut up my credit card.. 
What are you indulging in this season? 


  1. Love the studded slippers! I'm on the hunt for some like this, might have to take a trip to Topshop!

    Katie xx

    1. They were a bit expensive for what they are, but I couldn't resist the discount haha! Wish Primark did an alternative!

  2. oh you bought some really lovely things :) x