25 Oct 2012

Mini Review: LUSH Shower Gels

Aloha, this is my first beauty-related post ever, and I have complete awareness that I don't know what I'm talking about. In fact most of the beautyish things I own - smelly stuff, scrubby stuff, makeup stuff has been purchased because I love reading blogs so much and there is so much beauty information out there I couldn't ignore it. So instead of buying a 99p shower gel from Wilkinsons I treated myself some LUSH products. I originally went in to look at bath bombs, and then quickly realised I don't have a bath. After standing there looking pretty bewildered a very nice man showed me all of the shower gels they have on offer and I picked It's Raining Men and Twilight in the 100g sizes just to try them out. They were £4.25 each, which I don't think is too bad as they have such good ethics as a company and there are certainly more expensive products out there. 
Okay good points, they both smell absolutely gorgeous, and It's Raining Men's scent especially is completely unique. It reminds me of honey and blood oranges. Twilight has a lavender scent, but not in an overpowering way, it's very very very nice. Right, so I love the price, the smell, the names and packaging is very cute, and the service in LUSH Norwich was lovely. 
What I don't like is firstly, I fear that they are so bloody lovely that they will tempt my flatmates, so I have had to hide them. But that's not really LUSH's fault. Secondly, they don't stay on the skin for very long at all. I love being able to smell my shower gel (especially when it was supposed to be a luxury for me) in the day after I've used it. If it doesn't stick to my skin (that's a technical term for ya) then I only get to appreciate the scent for the five minutes I'm in the shower, which seems pointless to me! Maybe I'm asking to much.. but I hate using perfume so would like a shower gel that makes its presence known throughout the day! Review over, phew. 
Have you tried LUSH shower gels? 


  1. I haven't tried lush shower gels but I keep seeing so many posts on their christmas collection!really want to try it for myself xx

    1. Some of there christmas stuff is so cute, I don't normally care for limited edition stuff but the 'twilight' shower gel is for halloween and I love it so much so you should have a browse for sure!