15 Sep 2012

How to be a tourist in your own city

With a spare saturday to myself I decided to take my camera around my city, Norwich. I like the idea of being a tourist in your own city, because you could spend years there, and never make the effort to look at the things that add beauty and culture to a place, and with my second year in Norwich beginning I decided to look around with new eyes. I've had some sad things go on in my personal life in the last few days, and being alone with my camera and my city soothed me. 

001. The catholic cathedral. Not to be confused with the other cathedral, and the many, many many churches in Norwich. I don't think this photograph shows how immensely huge it is, and I probably walk past it everyday without ever looking up. 
002. Quiet streets with pretty English houses. There is something peaceful to me about finding a street like this five minutes from the city centre. I love looking at beautiful houses and gardens and wondering whether I'll ever get to live in one. 
003, 004, 005. The plantation garden. This place isn't for the average tourist, it's a little secret in the heart of the city. It is a sunken garden that is immensely beautiful and quiet, and always leaves me in awe. I was so happy I finally got my camera there, but the pictures cannot capture how wonderful it is, if you are ever in this part of the world, this would be my must-see. 
006. The market and the castle. The market shows Norwich's warmth and friendliness, that some other major cities lack. I love the view of the castle over the multi-coloured roofs of the stalls. I still haven't been inside the castle, it's on my to-do list before I finish university!
007. The flea market. I visited the monthly flea market for the first time today, and loved it! I picked up loads of cute little items, including a vintage watch which I'm sure will feature in a post soon. Watch this space. 
008, 009. Amaretto delicatessen. This Italian deli is my favourite place for lunch, they do a huge slice of organic, homemade pizza for only £1.80 in lots of different flavours (ham and mushroom is the best). I even treated myself to Norfolk cordial with my slice, so glad to have discovered this gem!
010. The river. This is a perfect spot to sit down by the river. You can walk along the river for miles and end up at a little pub called The Adam and Eve which reminds me of home because it is all cosy like a english village pub. They also do the best pie there, ever. 
Anyone else been a tourist in their own city, or have little gems they've discovered? 


  1. I really like norwich, especially riverside! My mum used to live near the canary football ground..2 minute walk down to Outfit..LOVE IT!
    great photos x

  2. Norwich is such a nice city, you took some lovely photos!

    Julia x

  3. Looks lovely, I'd love to do this with where I love!

    Pip x

    1. Oh you should, it was so fun to do :)

  4. Oh, I love touristing in my own city! Or even taking day trips to the towns in the suburbs. It's tons of fun to just get lost at home.

    And Norwich looks lovely. Must visit at some point.

    Cyn x

    1. I agree, because you should appreciate the new discoveries you can make somewhere you thought you knew like the back of your hand, do visit norwich, it has a lovely charm about it :)