2 Jun 2012

Skulls, crosses and raspberry cupcakes

Went into town for an iPhone case, and came back with jewellery and clothes.. ooops! But I did get the iPhone case, from the Norwich market stalls for £6, a much better deal than the phone shops were selling them for. The market is a bit tacky, but sometimes I find some cute things in there, and always for very little. I also bought a day of the dead skull ring (from H&M), a skull bracelet (from River Island), and a gothic cross headband (from Topshop) which I'm still not sure is amazing or is trying too hard. It was in the sale, so I didn't part with too much money for it, and worn with the right stuff I think it might jazz up an outfit (same intention as today's butterfly headband). I love this mint tee from H&M with the see-through tribal pattern, a bought a large so it can be worn over leggings for summer comfort.

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