17 Jun 2012


I love company, I have them all since the new look!
My scrapbook
My cat* Benji! (*cat can be interposed for baby or soulmate)
The countryside around my house 

Aloha! I was going to put these photographs on my Flickr, but I spend much more time updating my blog, so I thought it would be cool to share them on here! I'm not the most skilled photographer, my camera (Canon 1000d) does most of the work for me, but I find it relaxing to go out into the countryside that surrounds my house and take photographs, and photos of my room and cat cropped up too! Hope you like them! 


  1. thank you for visiting my blog :)
    great photo post! really like the picture of your curtains with the light pouring through and Benji looks really cute too!

    1. Oh thank you, the way to my heart is complimenting my cat haha!