15 Jun 2012

How to make your own nail stickers

I found a great DIY on The Beauty Department.com, and had to share it because there's no need for unusual and obscure equipment like with a lot of crafts, all you need is nail varnish, cellotape and scissors (and a steady hand, which I found out the hard way). It's pretty obvious from the pictures how you do it, but I'll tell you anyway for good measure.. 
1. Paint the base layer. I chose a mix of pinks that reminds me of bubblegum, I used Topshop 'War Paint' and 'Kiss and Tell'. I know I had a rant the other day about the ridiculous expense of Topshop nowadays, but I haven't managed to kick the habit of buying a cute nail varnish every time I go it there!
2. Choose your sticker colours. I wanted a stark contrast, but if you look at the Beauty Department article they use pinks and green and blues so there's no reason you can't use any variations of colours you want! I chose Topshop 'Ruthless' and 'Gypsy Night' (fabulous galaxy polish!). 
3. Stretch out the cellotape and paint a thick layer of the nail varnish. Make sure it's even, and leave it to properly dry. I became way too impatient and it was still slightly sticky when I moved onto the next step, big mistake. 
4. Cut out your stickers. I went for a mixture just to experiment, creating circles (using a holepunch), triangles, lines and squares, but there's a whole range of things you can do. Mine went a bit wrong because I hadn't let the nail varnish dry, and needed a bit more practice, I'm going to try again later and do little triangles on every nail! 
5. Use a clear nail varnish to finish. It is just cellotape after all, do two layers to keep it firmly in place!
Hope you give it a go! 


  1. this is such a great idea! It is perfect for doing designs that need perfectly straight edges!

    Love that Topshop sparkly polish too!