10 Jun 2012

How to make a terrarium

I was perusing through Rookie as I do on a regular basis (Tavi Gevinson is my all time favourite blogger) and found an article: Make Your Own Terrarium which I had to try because it required very little, seemed really easy to make and looked so great! Even though my room is cluttered with years worth of ornaments and trinkets, I wanted to make space for some plants, as I think they add some essential life to a room. Here's how I made mine: 
You will need: 
- Glass jar 
- Stones/pebbles
- Soil 
- Plants/flowers
- Tiny little ornaments 
1. Wash all labels off your glass jar, or even decorate it, I thought about getting some glass paints out but I left this one simple. 
2. Fill the bottom with your stones, the Rookie article says: "These rocks will keep the plants from rotting..as a rule you want the rocks to cover the bottom of the jar and then some".
3. Fill with a few handfuls of soil, depending on the size of the jar. I filled mine about halfway so the plants had room for their roots, but with enough space up top to see all the greenery. 
4. Add plants! Remember to keep their roots. I added a flower too.. I don't know whether this variation is a good one, but I don't see why it won't grow (I pinched it from my mum's garden after all). 
5. Add ornaments. Obviously this is optional, but it's the part I liked the most in the Rookie article, there are so many ways to do it! I found some old silver charms and buttons and then decided on a teapot charm (it used to be on a necklace but it broke). I think if I make another one I'll used the scuba diver so it looks like a fish tank! 


  1. this is adorable! :)

    x Camilla


  2. your blog is so cute, i love it! followed :) this is such a sweet idea

    Julia x

    1. thankyou very much, yay another follower!

  3. I love Tavi! she's so amazing~