3 Jun 2012

Bye, bye Norwich!

It's my last days as a first year, which makes me very sad. I love university life, and the freedom it brings, and so am a bit miffed to go back to village life without any purpose. I've always been one of those people who was itching to get out of their hometown and onto brighter things, so this feels like a bit of a backward step. I'm coming back in two months, but that feels like a very long time at the moment.
At the moment it's raining which sums up my mood, I've had to pack up my little university room and take all the pictures, clippings and art down from my pinboard. It's starting to look like just another room rather than my own, which is frankly quite depressing. I've also realised how much stuff I've acquired over the last 9 months, everything from books and magazines, to christmas decorations and about 10 types of tea. I have no idea how it's going to fit in my room at home. On the bright side I have found some things I thought I had lost, postcards from friends, jewellery fallen down the side of my bed. Anyway, enough of the miserable stuff, I am hoping to get a job soon to fill out my days this summer. I will also have more time with my boyfriend now than we've had for a long time which is keeping me positive! I've loved my first year in Norwich, and hope the next two will be just as good!

This box is soley breakable trinkets.. I have a problem with pretty teacups and jars 

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