15 Apr 2012

Bras and books

I met up with a friend in Cambridge on Saturday, and even though I wasn't supposed to (spent way too much on redecorating my room) I bought a few things. The bra was the only real expense, I'm an odd size so they're always an investment purchase as it is mostly expensive brands that cater for me. This one is from Freya, the earrings and sunglasses are from Primark (only totalled £3!), the dress is from H&M (only £8!) and the books are from an RSPCA charity shop. Found some very cheap classics, George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' (review coming soon), J.R.R Tolkien's 'The Lord of The Rings' (been meaning to read forever) and Raymond Chandler's 'The Long Good-bye'. I should probably be revising my current university books, but when I shouldn't be reading my own stuff I seem to get through it a lot quicker.... hmmm, funny that. Oh, and an odd picture of me sporting the pat butcher pearl danglies.

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