22 Mar 2012

Books, stamps and pie

Another week of blogging failure, but I always continue to take pictures of all the little going-ons in my life, hope you enjoy this little set. The stamps are from all over the world, and I found them in a charity shop back at home for really cheap, they're great for scrapbooking as they're all really colourful! The daisy perfume box houses a solid perfume ring, and it was a present from my boyfriend, it's really sweet and smells really good (coming from someone who normally doesn't like the smells of perfumes). And of course I can never resist taking pictures of my cooking creations, apple crumble and chicken and mushroom pie, was delish! It's the last week before Easter break here at uni, so deadlines and revision is piling up (why I haven't been blogging), but as of next thursday I'm free! There are a few more things I wanted to share:

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