9 Feb 2012

Valentine's post

Through my blog-trawl it seems everyone is doing a post about Valentine's Day. I follow a lot of craft blogs so maybe this is why, but I defiantly agree that making something for your partner is a whole lot nicer (for this holiday anyway) than buying something. Christmas was so long ago, and I gave my boyfriend a big screen TV, so I'm afraid he only gets a homemade card for Valentine's Day. It was nothing too difficult to make, but still might make a nice thoughtful gift alongside the big-screen-tv-presents. 
I made loads of origami hearts to put inside the envelope, and used my watercolours to paint them, as the sad, poor student that I am, I don't have coloured paper (A far, far cry from my mother's art studio, absolute craft heaven). They are very easy to make and tutorials can be found here and here. For the card, I cut a heart shape out of a kitchen sponge, dipped it in thick, acrylic paint and stamped. 


  1. This is such a lovely idea, much more thoughtful than the cards on the highstreet :)