17 Feb 2012

Olympia Le-Tan

Possibly the coolest clutches on the planet?! Oh my good god, Olympia Le-Tan's clutches/bags are amazing - but only for super-rich-future dreams. Other than lusting over the website, and finding pictures of said clutches in action, I've had a immensely mundane day, filled with a complete lack of productivity and mostly sleeping. I also said goodbye to a friend at the airport this morning for 7 months so another wish for the super-rich-future dream is to have enough money to go out and visit her in Arizona. More boring things about myself include new found insomnia, hello three in the morning, you should only be seen when drunk. (I concluded that I could lie there waiting for sleep, or do something vaguely production, et voila, blog post). Finally I got Pinterest, so click the link to follow me/just ask for an invite. I dont really understand the point, but somehow I'm spending a vast amount of time on it, and more people should waste their time on these things so I feel better about wasting it myself. 

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