9 Feb 2012

La photographie

Haven't done an outfit post in the last few days as I've been a bit worse for wear, and/or locking myself up in my bedroom working, reading etc. My sleep has been really interrupted for the past few days, causing me to need to catch up this morning and miss a seminar. All feels a little too much, wish I could go home for the weekend, but the journey alone will take it out of me! On a brighter note, I've had skittles and cake (chocolate, nutmeg and cinnamon made by me!) to keep me going, and spent the last two nights working on my scrapbook, the picture above is the giant heap of cut-outs from magazines and anywhere else I find them that I keep until they are summoned. Basically the moral of the story is, whenever I'm feeling low I do two things: eat and get creative. They work every time.

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