1 Feb 2012

A day in pictures

1. Trying on fur coat in the sale - I think I'd rather go for a vintagey one (a lot less tacky) 
2. Coffee and brownie in Starbucks + people watching 
3.  Lunch - Irish stew from M&S 
4. View of the lake by my uni accommodation, we are pretty lucky to be surrounded by nature and grass and water, whereas everyone else just has buildings and concrete and noise (or maybe I'm just a grumpy old woman at heart) 
5. Cycled into town for the first time - it is fucking freezing and I nearly died. But saved £4 in bus fares and toned the thighs - pros and cons, pros and cons. 
6, 7 & 8. Did some shopping in Norwich, bought this jewellery from Topshop, who normally have u.g.l.y. jewellery in my opinion, but there was some simple pieces that weren't adorned with feathers and diamante. Oh and there were crosses, lots and lots of crosses. 
9, 10 & 11. Oh the most beautiful dress ever! I can't afford it, I shouldn't have bought it, it was a whole week's worth of food. But they did have 20% student discount at Warehouse, so that makes up for it? 


  1. such lovely photos, what camera do you use :)?

  2. Thankyou! I use a Canon 1000d :)

  3. Love the topshop earings, great post!x

  4. That dress is gorgeous! Definitely worth the money x