31 Jan 2012

What I Wore Today (and some other things)

What I Wore Today 
Top - Topshop 
Skirt - H&M 
Blazer - H&M 
Necklace - Ark in Cambridge 
Bag - Off ebay? (It was a christmas present)
Ring - Morocco (the country not a brand!)
I'm so happy to have my camera back, I've just gone a bit mental and taking pictures of everything, not just the clothes I'm wearing. Pictures of: my moleskine (uhhh moleskine how I love you) and my sad little doodles I do when bored (mostly in lectures); my very first First, so very very happy, nice to have a confidence boost when it comes to the uni work; the amazing full english which someone cooked for me (with messy kitchen as background). Well that about sums up my day so far, it has been rather pleasant. All I have to do is get over a 1 hour seminar and I'm finished till next monday mwuahahahaha.

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