2 Jan 2012

Ruthless Sale Shopper

Okay, so 'ruthless sale shopper' is not strictly true, I hate sales shopping. I do the same thing every time its some sort of sales season, convince my friends that we have to go, and then avoid the sales and go straight to the back where it's calm and quiet. Online sales are a different matter, but they have in common that most of the stuff is crap, and you have to sift through A LOT of crap before finding the perfect price/size/colour. That's why I stick with jewellery. But enough ranting: I went for a post-christmas shopping trip in Cambridge with my friends and accidently parted with quite a bit of cash (not to mention I may have bought my boyfriend a television for christmas). I've had my eye on the midi jersey dress in Topshop for ages, but always resented payed £34 for something that probably cost them £1 to make (or less). But I am an awful consumer, and armed with my 30-quid Topshop voucher (a christmas present) I ended up purchasing it, and it looks mighty cute. I also bought some underwear from Topshop, to add to my cute La Senza christmas ones. The days of Primark knickers are coming to an end. The best purchase in the group is the £14.99 lace dress from H&M, I never buy going out stuff because it's so expensive, usually adorned with glitter and sequins, but this is a very reasonable price, good ol' H&M! The rest of the stuff is two necklaces in the ASOS sale (the coral square is so unusual), dark plum lipstick from Model's Own and something I don't like to spend money on - a book (George Eliot's Daniel Deronda). WHY WHY WHY have the english lit department added more reading, I'm going mental over here.

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