23 Nov 2011

Etsy finds - Christmas edition

I love christmas for 3 reasons: lights, baubles and presents (can't pretend I'm all about the family cheer). I love love love going shopping when all the lights are up, and this year I got to buy my own beautiful baubles for my own little uni tree. Made me far too happy. Wanted to share some more baubles that I would buy, if my 12-inch tree wasn't already covered.

I kept finding a trend for felt ornaments, but I have a feeling this is an Etsy thing rather than a Christmas trend. They keep finding new ways to sell felt craft with no purpose. Maybe I don't like them because they're not shiny, or they all look like toys (which is why I picked littlenestbox's baubles, as they're simple and classic).
I found some vintage baubles that are beautiful and have a bit of character from shavingkitsupplies at Etsy (the rest of their stuff is also great). The colour pink is not one I would associate with Christmas, but the it is so vibrant and eye-catching, defiantly worth a buy.

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